• Medical Record Reading & Checking in Inpatient Department


    Medical Record Reading helps to check all the information provided in the medical record and to update the information before the patient is treated by the surgeon in the operation theatre. The ophthalmic assistant checks the investigation reports are complete (vision, tension, duct, bp, A-Scan, K-reading, blood sugar and other tests (ECG)), consent form is attached, date and time of reports taken, any report is pending, and final advice and payments are done. The main purpose of medical record reading reduces the time for the doctor but get ready for the surgery. The ophthalmic assistant must be efficient enough to check all the information provided in the patient medical record. This session will provide all the information to be taken note by the Inpatient ophthalmic paramedical personnel and how the clinical services will be benefited through this procedure.

    Overall Goal

    The trainee will be able to read, check and interpret accurate information provided in the patient’s medical record.